Thankfulness During Our Journey

We joined friends at the beach on Friday and, as I sat there, chatting and watching the kids play, I felt so blessed and thankful to be on this journey with my kids.  And so, this post highlights a slightly different journey: my ever-increasing thankfulness for the freedom and friendships that homeschooling brings into our lives.

I am thankful I can witness my kids’ curiosity as they explore and study nature, while creating an aquarium at the beach to observe a camouflaged sculpin…


I am thankful they can cooperate, work out conflicts, and find solutions, while building a rideable boat out of driftwood, tied together with seaweed…


I am thankful these activities make up their “recess”…


I am thankful that they are wonderful, kind, happy kids.

I am thankful for all the mothers who support me in this crazy, fun homeschool journey.  Moms who are positive, calm, inventive and energetic.  Moms who share their successes and failures.  Moms who lift me up when I’m confused and frustrated.  Moms who share in the celebration of the successes of our children.  Moms who listen, even if they don’t homeschool.  And, for my own mom, who is so giving and helps me be more mindful of how impressive my children are, in so much of what they do.  Happy Mother’s Day!

I am thankful for all the mentors, friends, and family in my children’s lives, who create amazing learning opportunities and inspiration.

I am thankful for my husband, who helps me be a better mother with his calm presence and makes all these journeys possible!

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